Behind Closed Doors is a murder mystery game that tasks the player with figuring out what happened to their missing friends. The story is told through a series of recorded phone calls that can be found throughout the house – some of which may cause certain objects to spring to life and recreate what happened during the phone call.
My primary focus for this demo was to create a working prototype for the game's main mechanic, the phone recorder. When the player interacts with the recorder, a keypad canvas element comes up, and they are prompted to enter a phone number in order to hear the recordings associated with that number. When they enter a number, the lights go out, a recording begins to play, a glowing "ghost light" directs their attention to a door, and at a specific moment in the audio clip, that door opens in tandem with the action in the audio clip.
The ghost light uses an audio visualizer system that changes a designated light's intensity value based on the samples collected from an audio clip. The audio clip being sampled in this example is a "glowing" sound effect that creates the ghost-like effect when combined with visualizer script.
Behind Closed Doors is a work-in-progress, and this first demo serves primarily as a proof of concept for the phone recorder mechanic.
Game design, programming, and story by Kat Keller.
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