Level 1 starts at 0:10, Level 2 starts at 1:57, Level 3 starts at 3:04
I created Online Dating Simulator 1995 for Columbia College Chicago’s Game Engine Scripting course. The class focused on programming in C# for Unity, and in addition to that, I wanted to find a way to showcase a narrative through 2D platforming mechanics.

I accomplished this by turning the platforms themselves into the story. Online Dating Simulator 1995 allows you to play as a disheartened office worker, Roger, who has taken it upon himself to “get back out there” and try online dating in its infancy. The game exists entirely inside of Roger’s email window where the player controls Roger’s type cursor as it platforms across the well-intentioned (but slightly awkward) email he’s writing to a woman he matched with on a dating site.

I authored all art assets, C# scripts, writing, and design aspects of this project. It is the first game I created, and while I do recognize a few flaws in it’s design, I think it is a great example of my sense of humor, my world building, and my ability to establish tone.
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